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How to Use Free Photoshop Video Tutorials

Free Photoshop video tutorials are a great way to learn how to use the Photoshop program. They say that if you listen you forget, if you see you remember and if you do you understand. Well, by listening and watching video tutorials about Photoshop, and following along in your own program, you are doing all three together.

By watching an expert operate the Photoshop program you have the best chance of learning, and also remembering and understanding what you have learnt than by any other learning method.

And Photoshop Tutorials video are nothing else but movies of the expert operating the Photoshop program. You are effectively 'looking over the shoulder' of the expert and watching every click of his mouse.

You can read instructions, manuals, books by other authors, and Internet websites about Photoshop. But to learn quickly and clearly nothing beats learning from Photoshop video tutorials.

With Photoshop video tutorials, you can see how buttons, collages or even paintings and indeed complete websites - yes websites - are created. Instead of laboriously reading through books describing what needs to be selected, activated and clicked, you can simply imitate the mouse movement and clicks performed in the video knowing that you are actually doing exactly the right thing.

The learning curve is easier to climb and the results are easier to compare.

Not only that, you can watch how it is done from the very beginning to the very end and sometimes you can even have explained why it is done in that particular way.

Sean Dodge wrote on his blog and article called "5 Important Criteria that Make a Great Photoshop Tutorial". But Sean is writing about screenshot-and-text step-by-step tutorials, not video tutorials. In fact, I haven't yet found an article discussing the format of Photoshop video tutorials.

Did you ever make a Photoshop mock-up of a website design before getting down and dirty with the code? Then consider the the SiteGrinder program.

Basically, the SiteGrinder program turns Photoshop into an easy-to-use and fully functional web design tool. With SiteGrinder, designers will now have the freedom to totally let their creativity loose and then, without skipping a beat, transfer their designs to the web.

SiteGrinder lets you design web pages with dynamic text, e.g. served from a database and 'poured' into a web page containing code. Examples are weblogs and Content Management Systems content. It is hard to believe that a Photoshop plug-in should be capable of doing so, but it can be done and quite easily.

There is a collection of free video tutorials showing the proper use of various SiteGrinder techniques to build web pages from Photoshop documents.

There is no way that the same information could be imparted so effectively except through the medium of video tutorials.

A PSDTUTS tutorial from Fabio shows how your can recreate a realistic-looking watercolor effect with Photoshop brushes. Fabio demonstrates how the hair can be re-made with the popular watercolor brushes from Bittbox. This tutorial is static screenshots and written text. I think it would be much more interesting and beneficial if it had been a Photoshop video tutorial instead.

Another Photoshop tutorial from Fabio shows how to "Create a Spectacular Flaming Meteor Effect on Text". But again, it is a screenshot and text tutorial not a Photoshop video tutorial.

With Photoshop Video Tutorials you can learn how to get more consistent color with the videos on color management as it relates to Photoshop. Resources include detailed information on color calibration, using ICC profiles, and how to get consistent color results from Photoshop.

This means that you can prerecord actions or processes in Photoshop that you can then save and turn into a button that you can then simply click and Photoshop will do the whole action for you. It's mainly used as a timesaving device and saves the hassle of doing menial work like basic Photography fixing or cleaning your scans so you don't have to do it over and over again because you can just click a button you created.

The procedure to do this is explained in the Photoshop video tutorials.

If you execute a huge zoom you can make Photoshop pause a moment while it figures out what to draw. Photoshop CS4 has none of this: zooming in from 3% to 1600% is so fast and smooth it's like you're falling into the image.

The File Browser was introduced as a major update to Photoshop 7 and was later improved in Photoshop CS. When a directory is viewed for the first time, the File Browser or Bridge will build a cache of the image previews.

Plugins can be opened from within Photoshop and act like mini-editors that modify the image.

As to storing your Photoshop images, RAID 0 is very useful for temporary data such as page files and Photoshop scratch disk placement. It is not recommended for files you need to keep.

There are many websites about various aspects of Photoshop, but to find them all and to learn what is on each one can be very time consuming. Luckily there is one website that has done a lot of the searching for you. That particular website hosts hundreds of Photoshop video tutorials and they are all free to watch.

The tutorials have been pre-selected for their relevance and quality by the website owner and arranged in logical groups depending upon the subject covered so that it is easy for the user to quickly find the best Photoshop video tutorial that answers his questions.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Makes a Good Photoshop Tutorial?

Very good photoshop tutorials should introduce the exact same concept and principle you're making use of as a graphic designer. Composing, following all, is relatively related to design. Both have a purpose to communicate with the audience. Keeping that in mind is really a surefire strategy to grab the reader's interest. Here are several values you'll want to obtain.

Technique. An excellent Photoshop classes should impress the viewers with its rarity. Dozens of tutorial writers on the web are vying for your readers' have confidence in and curiosity. There are visitors who just need to discover some thing new. A number of them may possibly just wish to produce a style that they are able to brag about. Attempt providing them what they request for by experimenting.

Photoshop training courses - Get inspirations elsewhere. There's nothing wrong with picking up a few tactics from a movie poster or an album cover you have observed. Reality is the fact that nothing is unique. Interpretations are what issues on this post-modern globe. Being a designer, everything that we do can be a recreation of other people's performs no matter whether we are aware about it or not.

So what precisely do we mean by rarity? We are speaking in regards to the final effects. The results by yourself can lure a novice designer into reading your online photoshop. People who have genuine curiosity in style would often desire to know how a certain effect is created. These folks, who've enthusiasm for technique, are what the business will need. They may possibly also be your audience.

Features. If first suggestions make the style fascinating, perform offers its worth. As opposed to painting that stands in by itself, the good quality of the graphic design leans around the purpose it shall serve. Subjects of excellent Photoshop tutorials ought to often hold the audience in thoughts. Rules of aesthetics and components of artwork issue a lot but additionally to that, graphic designs have to make all these function to achieve an ulterior motive. Graphic design is always a propaganda. Photoshop customers will need a tutorial that they can in fact utilize apart from its ability to entertain them.

Focus to Detail. Buy photoshop tutorials should be published with a novice consumer in mind. Some might think that this kind of method seems as if the writer is underestimating the abilities with the readers. The thing is the fact that Photoshop tutorial writers aren't talking to just one audience. It's challenging to determine the talent ranges of the majority. If erring is inevitable, then may as well err around the aspect of explaining too much. Excellent styles, after all, might be seen depending on the particulars. Tutorials that expound on each and every detail are not only considerate. They also manifest the writer's skills as a graphic designer.

Nonetheless, every single stage needs to be explained completely yet concisely. The whole tutorial really should illustrate the values viewers must acquire to attain the last impact.

Brevity. Considerably like in graphic design, Photoshop tutorials really should also attempt to eliminate clutter. An excessive amount of pointless data may possibly leave the readers confused. Which will only result in the failure of one's tutorial nonetheless fantastic the last result is to them. 1 worth of a fantastic graphic design that also applies within the realm of content material composing will be the capacity to simplify without having missing out on crucial particulars. With out unnecessary clutter, the needed is emphasized. Tutorial writers ought to often try to concentrate on the instructions. Writing Photoshop tutorials is far from mere blogging. Here, you're communicating directly to an audience who requirements info. You might be not just expressing yourself. You're teaching.

It doesn't imply though that you have to be all formal about this. In fact, it is finest to use a a lot more conversational tone to ensure that the viewers can simply relate to what you're declaring. The critical thing is which you are obvious and immediate for the position. No more metaphors or cryptic messages. The energy of a good tutorial lies in being comprehended.

Tutorial Computer : Computer Repair Tutorial

There's absolutely nothing rather as annoying as becoming stuck within the center of the job on the tutorial computer - be it a analysis report for work or just a regular chat session - only to possess it freeze up, decelerate intolerably or simply plain crash. Sadly, computers can be tricky devices at the top of times so pinpointing (let by yourself fixing) the issue may be a daunting job. Right here are a few of the most typical problems and how you can fix them.

This is really a massive 1. Viruses typically take the type of .exe files and are basically malicious software particularly engineered to destroy your computer. The most effective way to fight these is by way of preventative measures. 1st thing you must (should you haven't currently) is set up a trustworthy anti-virus software. The major dilemma with all the massive identify anti-virus applications on the market is the fact that a lot of viruses are specifically designed to bypass these plans due to their reputation. Personally, I recommend AVG - many people a good deal a lot more tech-savvy than I swear by it. When you get a good anti-virus system you need to often scan your pc or system the anti-virus software to frequently scan your personal computer for you personally if it has that feature (it possibly will).
An additional way you'll be able to avoid viruses is simply by being extra cautious about what you download (particularly if it's a .exe file, although viruses are not limited to .exe files).

Fragmented challenging drive
More than time, your difficult generate might become fragmented, thus slowing down your computer. You must consequently de-fragment your computer every single few weeks or so. Just go to the begin menu - components - system equipment - disk defragmenter.

Tutorial computer networking can produce a great deal of warmth, particularly if they're left on for long periods of time. A easy method to overcome this can be simply to flip off your computer for a while and give it time to 'cool off'. If overheating is really a recurring problem, you might desire to appear into investing in a bigger cooling fan for the personal computer.

A corrupted registry
Essentially the most frequent computer dilemma BY Much is a corrupted registry. In a nutshell, the registry essentially shops all of the info of all your computer's settings and configurations. Aside from being infinitely complex, the registry can be very fragile - tamper with one of the numerous .dat or .ini files contained within its a great number of subfolders and you might just cripple your computer to the stage where it's unusable. You do not even have to open the registry to corrupt it. Every time you install or uninstall some thing, one more (possibly useless) entry is added to the registry. Over time, these superfluous entries create up, slowing down your laptop or computer to no end. In several instances, all of the computer needs is really a simple registry scan to provide it again as much as complete functionality. Check my bio in the finish for more information.

Tutorial computer memory - If the difficulty is not right away apparent, just go via the list I've set out over systematically. Chances are you will uncover your issue and resolve it. Easy is as simple does.

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Jadikan Blog Sebagai Aset Masa Depan Anda

Jadikan Blog Sebagai Aset Masa Depan Anda. Kita tahu bahwa Indonesia adalah salah satu Negara yang sukses. Sukses dalam memperbesar angka pengangguran dan masuk dalam kategori terbesar didunia (tidak tahu urutan keberapa). Oleh karena itu kita di tuntut untuk bijak dalam menentukan nasib kita di masa depan, terutama untuk masalah dompet. Zaman yang serba sulit ini membuat kita benar-benar harus cepat dan tepat dalam mengambil sikap. Jika tidak maka kita akan di telan oleh arus zaman ini.

Tentu saja semua permasalahan pasti ada jalan keluarnya dan selalu ada pilihan dalam hidup ini. Tapi, pilihan apa yang akan kita ambil? Pilihan yang benar-benar bijak lah yang kita butuhkan. Jika anda memiliki modal tentu saja tidak ada masalah karena anda bisa saja membuka sebuah usaha di dunia nyata. Namun bagaimana jika anda adalah salah satu spesies manusia yang bertahan di tengah rimba globalisasi dengan senjata beberapa lembar rupiah saja?

Mungkin dalam benak anda akan berfikir "Tentu saja saya akan melamar pekerjaan!". Kalimat itu juga awalnya adalah jawaban dalam hati saya. Namun saya berfikir "Apakah saya harus mengemis pekerjaan di negeri sendiri kepada orang asing? (karena umumnya perusahaan yang ada di Indonesia adalah milik luar negeri). Lalu ada berapa banyak sarjana di luar sana yang juga membutuhkan pekerjaan dan siap bersaing dengan saya? Bukankah banyak sarjana di luar sana yang menjadi tukang becak?" Itulah pertanyaan yang saya pikirkan dalam otak saya yang kecil ini ketika berfikir untuk mengemis pekerjaan kepada orang asing.

Namun saya sadar bahwa saya harus mandiri dan gagah berdiri di negeri sendiri tanpa mengemis kepada orang asing. Untuk itulah saya membangun blog ini. Blog yang menjadi aset saya di masa depan. Blog yang insya Allah kelak akan menjadi penopang hidup saya di tengah rimba globalisasi. Dan saya berdoa kepada Allah SWT agar blog ini akan menjadi samurai dan perisai yang melindungi saya dalam peperangan menghadapi arus globalisasi.

Sekarang bagaimana dengan anda? Apakah anda akan berzihad dengan saya untuk memperoleh hidup yang lebih baik di masa depan? Apakah anda akan berjuang dengan saya agar anda dapat mandiri di negeri sendiri? Pertanyaan yang tidak perlu dijawab namun sangat perlu di renungkan dalam hati anda. Semoga anda sukses dengan pilihan anda. Salam Blog Tips Tricks.

NB :
Bila anda adalah seseorang yang baru terjun di dunia blogosphere, jangan buat artikel ini menjadi alasan untuk banyak memasang iklan dalam blog anda. Bangunlah blog anda terlebih dahulu. Jika waktunya tiba, barulah anda bisa melakukan monetize terhadap blog anda. Semoga artikel ini dapat menjadi acuan anda untuk sukses di dunia blogosphere.

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How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

If you're new to the internet and wondering what an earth this blogging craze is all about, or if you already have your own website and you wonder why everyone keeps advising you to start your own blog, read on. I'll explain what a blog is, why you need it, how to configure it, promote it and of course, make money from it.

Blog is short for "web log" and is similar to an online journal. The popularity of blogs has started in the late 1990 and began to become increasingly popular over the last two years. Almost everyone seems to have a blog these days, from CEOs of large companies to webmasters, world travelers to teenagers. Even my father has his own blog now! A blog allows you to communicate informally with people via an online diary, but it is more personal and unstructured for a website and easier and cheaper to set up a website.

If you have your own website, but have not yet started a blog that you can easily create one using a free service like Blogger or Wordpress. Try posting your blog at least once or twice a week on topics related to your website. Blogging will help your search engine and open channels of communication between you and your visitors or customers, encouraging them to interact with you and give them a reason to return to your site in the future.

If you do not have your own website and want to create a blog quickly and easily I recommend opening a free account with Blogger. You can blog about what you want, such as a hobby, vacation, your home town, something political, a sport or your business. Just be sure to choose something that interests you and well informed. You can host your blog on Blogspot for free - all you need to do is choose a name that is relevant to the topic of your blog. Once you have configured your profile and chosen a template, blogging is as simple as sending an e-mail to a friend.

There are many ways to earn money from your blog, but here are some ideas to get you started:

- Google Adsense - this is free to join and easy to implement. The ads match the content of your blog and you'll get paid each time a visitor clicks on an ad.

- Affiliate Programs - sign up for affiliate programs related to the topic of your blog and display links to related products on your blog. Clickbank, Trade Doubler and Commission Junction are good places to start, or do a Google search for "affiliate program" + the topic of your blog to find more affiliate programs. Each time someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product, you will receive a commission. If you know your subject, you can also write reviews for products help increase your affiliate sales.

- Sell advertising space - if you have a popular blog, you can charge people to advertise on your blog. This could take the form of a text link, banner or graphic.

You're not going to make money with a blog if people can find it. Once you have started to publish on your blog it is time to start promoting it. You can get your blog noticed by ...

- Submitting your blog to blog directories - just search for "blog directories" into Google

- Sale of other bloggers to exchange links with you - you put a link to your blog in exchange for a link to their blog.

- Writing an article on the topic of your blog and posting it to article directories. Remember to include resource box of an author with a link to your blog.

- Ping Ping blog services whenever you create a new message - and are two sites you can use to do this.

- Participate in forums related to the topic of your blog. Put a link to your blog in your forum signature.

Finally, once you have your blog monetized and you have begun to promote this do not forget to regularly. The most important of all the blogs success is common property, so be sure not to let the dust collect on your virtual Blog

Suzanne Morrison blogs regularly on various topics including travel home business and internet marketing. Visit the Plug-In Profit Site blog to know how she makes money online.

How To Make Money Writing A Blog?

Blogging or writing blog is another popular money-making online business. There are still many who do not know how to make money through writing blog. There are people who make big money, even without a website or blog. So if you have a blog, then there is no difficulty in making money. Blogs get money only when you generate more traffic to your blog. Thus, the blog that is visited by more users is sure to make money. The following lines will explain some of the ways to create traffic to your blog and earn money quickly.

1] One of the most familiar followed by marketing on the Internet and bloggers to create traffic to the site is "pay per click" method. popular companies like Google to give you space to place your ad. When the user performs a search with a keyword, the advertisement appears on the side bar search engine. Traffic is created for your site when the user clicks on your ad. Google will charge for each click a small sum to cover costs. This program is offered by Google called "Google AdWords".

2] Affiliate Marketing is one of simple ways to earn money by writing a blog. You can also make excellent income by promoting affiliate products through your blog. Create blog posts and leave links to merchants through your blog. When the user clicks on the links on your blog, he / she will be directed to the merchant's website. When the purchase is made through your blog, you'll be paid a decent commission by the merchant. You can make hundreds of dollars if you use your blog for affiliate marketing.

3] Blogs can help you make money regularly. You can use blogs to create customer lists. Create an optin page and collect details of customers through your blog. Offer as a free download e-book useful, informative articles etc. to exchange their e-mail.

4] There are many online stores like the Internet, for which you can become affiliate marketing. Join these sites and post their links in your blogs. You can make affiliate commissions for each sale that occurs successfully through your blog.

5 blogs] can also be used to sell your product. Whether physical or an information product is not a question. If you're new to the Internet market, create your own information product. For example, you can create e-book and sell it through your blogs. You can create e-book on any subject where you have a good knowledge. With little research you can do a wonderful e-book information and invite visitors to buy. Now, the creation of "buy now" button is easy because it is gratuitously offered by PayPal. You can earn $ 10 to $ 100 per e-book based on the number of pages.

Thus, blogs can be used to make money and following the above methods you can even make hundreds of dollars a month.

Ravi Oza is an online shopper. He has extensive knowledge in SEO, Article Marketing and PPC. You can visit his blog for more information.


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