Friday, July 15, 2011

Tutorial For Adobe Photoshop CS5

Hopefully this week sometimes Adobe Photoshop CS5 Creative Suite 5 (CS5) will be officially released, but I can already exposed some of the new features in this tutorial dedicated to the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS5.

The Photoshop team was to focus their efforts in improving two key areas for improvement as they have done to each and every one of the latest versions of CS. First, they take a look at what needs to be improved in CS4 - There is nothing better than feedback from users so that they have already spent a lot of time looking for the improvement of existing functions and CS4 applications.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Tutorial Adobe Photoshop CS5

Even if we now consider the new features of Adobe Photoshop CS5, I must emphasize at this stage that all new products will CS5 almost 90% the same as CS4, so if you decide to upgrade it are only about 10% of the entire program you will need to learn to use effectively.

Thus, the main area of ​​improvement is definitely the new brand that offers added Photoshop, Adobe on the mark always one step ahead of the competition, and these new tools also allow us to edit photos, as no man has published before. Are you getting excited now??

First, CS5 will enable significant improvements in the way "brushes" and "painting" can work in Adobe Photoshop CS5. We will have the option to use a photo (or image) as a web template or color palette for painting. Clicking on a certain area, you will be able to simulate dip your brush in the paint. Then you can drag this color appears to be distributed around while simulating a wet brush. You can also mix the colors as much as you want, and achieve a number of different effects that will give your images a whole new look.

The second improvement will allow you to simulate natural brush while you paint. An overview of 3D animated brush shows alterations based on the pressure and rotation. This will affect the capacity of the paint is applied on the canvas as if you had a real brush. A variety of presets are available, although you can even use your own creativity to create your own.

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